We Think

We Research, We Develop

Pranada Biopharma Team caters everyday only to create, develop and produce quality and brilliant new products for global markets.

Our Team takes a shot at new dynamic substances, generics, and patent non encroaching items for US, Europe, Australia and other developing markets.

We are in procedure of creating different measurements shapes like Immediate discharge tablets, Delayed discharge tablets, Extended discharge tablets, Hard gelatin Capsules, Soft gelatin containers, Liquid orals, Semi solids, and so forth.

The Analytical Research and Development office underpins all the formative work offering help for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Formulation Development

The division is all around outfitted with profoundly complex instruments like NMR, XRD, LCMS, High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Gas Chromatography, Differential examining calorimeter, UV spectrophotometers, infra-red spectrophotometer, disintegration mechanical assembly and Particle measure analyzer and so on.

We Work

With Our Team

Our Team is aided brilliantly to get and create abilities, find and adventure their accessible potential for their own and authoritative advancement.

We make a learning domain upgrading so that each individual from the Pranada ceaselessly learn and gain new capabilities.

Pranada Biopharma has a very experienced and well qualified team of pharmacist, chemist and scientists.

Pranada has a Team of 52 highly skilled and experienced personnel’s (including R&D)

Employees have been the backbone of company.